3 in 1 Portable Garden Sprinkler System with 5 Spray Settings

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Use this practical and effective sprinkler system to efficiently manage your lawn. The set includes three multipurpose sprinkler heads linked by 6-foot hose lengths. Sprinklers are staked into the ground for easy placement. You can customize the spray's settings by selecting one of five options. Connectors allow you to combine multiple sets.Irrigation with a sprinkler system is a simple, dependable, and temporary solution. Whether your yard is newly planted or has been there for a while, the Port-A-Rain can help obtain the extra water those hard-to-reach locations require. Daily maintenance is minimal because the Port-A-Rain is easily cleaned by removing each nozzle and washing it under water.FEATURES

There is lovely grass or a garden in your palm. With the help of these sturdy watering nozzles and wands, you can complete all of your watering tasks.

Series the Multi-Adjustable Spike Sprinklers together to gently sprinkle water over your lawn. Easily adjust each sprinkler's location and area of coverage for targeted irrigation.

The set includes three multi-purpose sprinkler heads connected by six-foot-long hose sections.

Installation Area: Garden (above ground)
Type: Sprinkler System
Suitable For: Lawn Irrigation, Planted Areas, Planted Rows
Control Style: Switch
Item Length: 3 in

3 Sprinkler Heads
3 Sections of 6-foot hose
Instruction Manual


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