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This 24" water cooling fan will keep you cool on those long, hot days. Because this air conditioner is small and light, it takes up little space when set up. This air conditioner tower fan can be placed in any room of your home that needs to be kept cool. Because the fan blades oscillate, a large area can be covered. The airflow can be adjusted using three different modes and speeds.This tower fan can be used in all seasons. Because of its size and convenience, it is ideal for an office, dorm room, bedroom, and other settings. A three-speed evaporative air cooler could be used for a variety of occasions and needs. You can travel at low speeds while resting, medium speeds while relaxing, and high speeds during the hot summer months. The portable indoor air cooler cools and purifies the air by utilizing honeycomb cooling media and a dust filter.FEATURES

Because of its compact foldable design, you can quickly transport it to any location in your home, and it's easy to store the table fan when not in use.

Vortex air circulation is used to efficiently circulate air throughout an area. Traditional black and white colors can be adapted for use on tables, in bedrooms, and in offices.

The remote control simplifies operation. Because of an infrared sensing element at the base of the fan, the remote control that comes with your table fan can operate your fans from up to six meters away. The remote control requires two AAA batteries. There are no batteries included.

Color: White & Black
Main material: ABS
Size: 10'' x 11'' x 24'' (LxWxH)
Voltage: 110V / 60Hz
Power: 75W
3 Number of speed
Scope of application: 15㎡
Cooling range:3-5℃
Weight:13.5 lbs

Portable Air Fan
2 Ice Crystal Boxes
Some hardware


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