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In conclusion, the Mini Wifi Camera is an effective tool for protecting your house or company. Its compact size and wireless connectivity make it simple to install and conceal, while also adding an extra degree of protection. The Tiny Wifi Camera is certainly worth considering if you're searching for a discreet and effective approach to monitoring your environment. While visible cameras at your front entrance can discourage criminals, they are not always successful. A wire cutter, for example, can render these cameras worthless, putting them subject to manipulation. Here is where our Mini Wifi Camera may help. Because of its small size, the Mini Wifi Camera can be readily hidden anywhere, making it difficult for attackers to detect.
This wireless camera may be set in plain view without drawing unwanted attention. With a single tap, you can begin shooting directly from your phone, giving you peace of mind and real-time surveillance of your surroundings. The Tiny Wifi Camera is meant to be inconspicuous and fit in with its surroundings, making it almost invisible to intruders. You will be warned instantly if any unusual behavior is identified thanks to powerful motion-detecting technology. With its high-quality 1080P HD video and audio recording capabilities, this camera is ideal for remote surveillance of your home or company.

This camera packs high energy in its small size and features a WIFI network for easy connectivity. With mobile phone remote monitoring, you can keep an eye on your space no matter where you are.

Magnetic absorption rotating bracket allows for easy installation and positioning, giving you the flexibility to monitor any area you need.

A 120-degree wide-angle lens provides more coverage of the monitored area. The camera also has a night vision range of up to 10 meters, delivering crisp photos even in low-light situations. You can capture both video and audio in real time with audio-visual synchronization.

Infrared does not emit light, and the video does not turn on lights. There is no network monitoring, mobile detection, multi-platform compatibility, or the ability to charge while watching video.

Loop recording, local micro SD card recording, and playback are all supported (up to 128G). It has an integrated WiFi hotspot and can connect your phone wirelessly without the use of a router.

Lens: 3.6MM

Aperture: F2.2
Connection: WIFI
Night Vision: Infrared night vision
Lens angle: 140° wide angle
Video format: MP4
Real-time viewing resolution: 1920x1080P
Storage resolution: 1280x720P
APP operation: Support
Voltage: 5V2A
Power supply mode: USB power supply

Camera Bracket
Charging Cable
User Manual
32/64/128 GB TF Card

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