Car Steering Wheel Security Lock With 3 Keys Anti Theft Lock

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A car steering wheel security lock is a device designed to prevent unauthorized use of a vehicle. It works by fitting onto the steering wheel and locking it in place, making it impossible to turn the wheel and drive the car. This type of lock is commonly used by car owners as an extra layer of protection to discourage car thieves or stop unauthorized use of the car.

The lock is usually made of sturdy materials such as steel and can be quickly installed and taken off as required. Some steering wheel locks also have additional security features like a built-in alarm system or keyless entry. Whether you park your car on the street, in a garage or in a public parking lot, a steering wheel lock can give you peace of mind and safeguard your investment.

How to use it?
When using this lock for the first time, use the supplied hex wrench to adjust the screw to the airbag
Start the car and adjust the steering wheel
Raise the lock until the direction is locked

The ideal option for you is this product, which is covered in PVC soft rubber and leather and has a dark appearance that matches the steering wheel.

Constructed of alloy and carbon-doped steel, making it more resilient than anti-theft locks made of iron. longer use and increase comfort levels.

This product is appropriate for all cars, whether you drive an RV, SUV, or large truck.

The car steering wheel lock uses a premium lock core. Twist locks are modern and practical drilling and prying prevention measures.

Material: alloy, carburized steel, PVC
Color: Brown, Black
Size: 40x10x6cm
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Net Weight: 1720g / 60.7oz

Anti-theft lock
3 keys
Hex wrench
User manual

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