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Introducing our advanced Anti-Wrinkle Patches, a breakthrough in skincare for both women and men seeking to reclaim youthful and vibrant skin. These patches are meticulously crafted to combat the signs of ageing with precision and care. Made from premium medical-grade silicone, our Anti-Wrinkle Patches are your allies in the battle against wrinkles and fine lines.

Warm Tips

1. The first use recommendation is within 1-2 hours, and the subsequent use time is appropriately extended according to skin adaptability.

2. It is best to clean the skin before use, and after emollient use.


Instructions for use:

Step 1: Ensure your skin has no moisturizer, sunscreen or sweat, thoroughly clean your chest and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Step 2: Remove the pad from bag, and peel off plastic shield, do not discard the shield because you will use this to store your pad later.

Step 3: Hold the sticky side of pad to your chest, press firmly and evenly to get good adhesion.

Step 4: In the morning, remove the chest pad slowly using an upwards motion.

Step 5: Wash the pad with soap and water, avoid cleansers, and moisturizing oil.

Step 6: Leave air-dried and keep the adhesive side upward, do not use towel to wipe and dry.

Step 7: Store the pad back into the packing bag and away from dust.

Step 8: Reusable 50 times, for better results, wear overnight, do not use broken skin or if you have a known or suspected sensitivity to silicone.


PREMIUM AND LONG-LASTING MATERIALS: Crafted from top-tier silicone, our facial anti-wrinkle stickers offer a blend of comfort, softness, safety, and durability. They are gentle on the skin, suitable for all skin types.

EFFECTIVE FACIAL WRINKLE SOLUTION: These silicone pads are ideal for restful sleep or daytime use, ensuring safety throughout. Whether utilized during the day or night, they yield optimal results by gently and naturally reducing wrinkles.

REUSABLE PERFORMANCE: Our face anti-wrinkle stickers can be comfortably reused 15 to 20 times. Effortlessly remove the pad and peel off the plastic cover. With a set of 16 anti-wrinkle stickers, your varying needs are well-covered.



16x reusable silicon patches

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