Upgraded 5 in 1 Professional Multifunctional Airwrap Hair Styling Curler Set

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Amazing results for a fraction of the price! This popular hair accessory has achieved global popularity, gracing social media, magazines, and conversations everywhere. The versatile kit has gained renown for its capacity to effortlessly curl, blow-dry, and straighten hair using a single tool. Enthusiasts of all skill levels, from novices to professionals, have been enticed to purchase this item due to its capability to offer various looks (along with impressive volume) while minimising the risk of heat-related damage.
The Airwrap One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer is a versatile tool that combines a hot air comb, blower dryer, automatic curler, iron wand, and hair straightening brush. Its multi-functionality makes it ideal for a variety of situations, including everyday use at home, travel during business trips, looking great at weddings, and enhancing vacation looks. Additionally, its stylish packaging makes it a thoughtful gift choice for friends, family, and anyone special to you.


5-in-1 Airwrap Styler:
The hot air brush dryer for women comes with five interchangeable brush attachments that effortlessly facilitate straightening, curling, volumizing, and scalp massaging. This fusion of blow drying and styling brushes accommodates various hair lengths and styles.

Negative Ion Hair Blow Dryer:
Incorporating unique negative ion technology and a ceramic coating, this hot air hair straightener effectively eliminates frizz and static. The blend of nylon pins and tufted bristles in the hair dryer brush prevents tangling and breakage while offering enjoyable scalp massages.

Adjustable Heat Settings:
Operating at 1000W/110v, the hair dryer volumizer provides three temperature settings, granting you greater command over your hair styling. Suitable for all hair types and usable throughout all seasons, it aids in achieving the hairstyle you've always aspired to.

Convenient and Portable:
Designed with lightweight in mind, this hair airbrush is easily portable and manoeuvrable, reducing strain on your wrists and enabling you to achieve salon-quality results.

5-in-1 Functionality:
Our hot airbrush seamlessly combines the functionalities of a conventional hair dryer, straightening iron, curling iron, and hair comb. It caters to an array of styling preferences and delivers impressive outcomes for all hair types. An exceptional gift choice for women and girls alike.


Power cord length: 2.0m
Rated voltage: 110V
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Product function: Blow dry/straight/ curly/ fluffy
Product size: 320×78.5×49mm
Product gear: 3 gears adjustable


2 Curling Tool
Gathering Wind Nozzle
Smoothly Comb
Roll Combo

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