Adjustable Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock for Car Security System

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This steering lock is designed to provide superior protection for your car with its all-steel body and double-row crescent lock that is both robust and anti-theft. It makes it difficult for thieves to open, making it an ideal car security item.In today's society where car safety is of paramount importance, this steering wheel lock serves as a dependable physical and visual deterrent against car theft. Keep your car protected by installing this robust and efficient steering lock.

A Universal car steering wheel lock is a reliable solution for securing your vehicle from theft. Utilizing a steering wheel lock reduces the likelihood of theft, making it a great choice if you want a durable and dependable car steering wheel lock. Made of high-quality materials, this device is designed to be long-lasting.


This steering wheel lock bar has a unique design that securely attaches to the steering wheel and brake. It is smoothly extensible and adjustable, fitting for most vehicles including SUVs, golf carts, trucks, and sedans.

Constructed from strong, heavy-duty iron that will never rust. Resists sawing, prying, and hammering attacks for robust strength and durability.

Quick and easy to install and uninstall, and stores neatly under your seat. The steering wheel lock can be easily extended but requires a key to shorten its length.

The steering wheel anti-theft lock can be used as a window-breaker Escape Hammer, a self-defense weapon, and as an efficient anti-theft tool for auto-lock security items.

Color: Red.
Material: Iron.
Vehicle: Steering Wheel Lock
Size: 51.00X7.00X2.50cm/20.04X2.75X0.98in.

1 x anti-theft lock
2 x keys

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