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This high-quality In-Ear Hearing Aid is an excellent solution for individuals with hearing difficulties. It comes equipped with volume adjustment capabilities, allowing you to fine-tune the sound to your specific needs using one of four different levels. The long-lasting cell battery ensures that you can enjoy the clear, loud sound for extended periods of time. Whether you're watching TV, listening to music, or engaging in conversation, this hearing aid is designed to help you hear more effectively and easily.
Hearing aid knowledge
If you hear howling from your hearing aid, first check if your silicone earplugs are the right size and properly inserted, so that they fit snugly into your ear canal without leaking. Also, make sure you're using the appropriate ear and ear canal size.

If you're not using your hearing aid, it's recommended to remove the battery to prevent damage to the hearing aid parts caused by battery decay.

Lastly, it's important to regularly clean your earplugs or ear molds to ensure your hearing aid functions properly and to maintain its effectiveness over time.

The use of digital chip technology effectively reduces background noise, ensuring a clear sound experience even in noisy environments.

The ergonomic Behind-The-Ear (BTE) design of the device includes a connecting tube that can rotate 360 degrees, while the soft TPE silicone ear tubes offer a comfortable fit during use.

The device includes two modes, each suited for different scenarios. The High-frequency mode (O) is perfect for use in noisy environments, while the Low-frequency mode (M) is suitable for normal situations. Users can choose the mode that best suits their needs.

The device comes with three different sizes of earbuds, designed to fit a range of users comfortably.

Accurate and easy to use
Volume can be adjusted with 4 levels.
Help you hear the sound clearly and loudly, whether indoors or outdoors.
Maximum loudness 130 +/- 5dB.
Sensitivity: >= 50dB.
Frequency range: 300Hz ~ 4000Hz.
Battery Type: AG13 button cell battery

Hearing aids(a pair)
User Manual

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