Invisible & Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid For Hearing

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 The new revolutionary rechargeable hearing aids come with a charging dock and after one single charge can last up to 3 days before needing to be charged again! Finally, a high-end hearing amplifier created for more natural sounds allows you to concentrate on what you want to hear. The new CIC Mini Hearing Amplifier delivers a robust, crisp, clear sound without any obtrusive feedback or whistling thanks to several mode settings and volume control.

You're not alone in being tired of bulky, expensive hearing aids. Invisible hearing aids are loved by customers worldwide. Firstly, because the technology is affordable. You can say goodbye to difficult to understand speech and muffled sounds. Now, you can regain your hearing without breaking the bank super affordable and worth the money.

We provide a pair of our rechargeable nano invisible hearing aids. It is intended for those with moderate to profound hearing loss. Anyone looking for a set of hearing aids at an inexpensive price is their target market. Something that restores their hearing without costing a fortune or compromising sound quality. 

Our discreet hearing aids fit snugly in the ear canal, making them almost invisible and almost impossible to detect. As a result, several users claimed that other people are unaware they are wearing hearing aids.


Mini Hearing Amplifiers are practically invisible. This personal sound amplification device features a low profile that is more comfortable to wear in your ear and barely visible. You'll be beyond excited that due to the state-of-the-art manufacturing, it is less sensitive to wind and noise, and you will be able to easily use your phone with comfort and ease. Perfect for those who wear glasses

The volume can be adjusted without tools, convenient and practical, helping you hear the sound clearly and clearly, and suitable for patients with mild to severe hearing loss.

Beautiful appearance, very suitable for watching movies, watching dramas, attending meetings, attending classes, and chatting with friends.

Tools for cleaning with a brush and a battery are included. There are several sizes of earplugs. You can make it comfy by picking the right size but refrain from whistling. You can also remove the device with a cleaning brush if it is filthy. Additionally, a storage bag is included for easy product storage.

Please note: A charging dock is included, Hearing aids are rechargeable batteries are not needed.

Type: Hearing Aids
Left Ear Colour: Blue
Material: Silicone
Calibration: Automatic
Saturated Sound Pressure Level (OSPL90): 112
High-Frequency Average (OSPL90): 110


Right Ear Side
Hearing Aid
2 Batteries
Cleaning Brush Tool
3 Earplugs
Plastic Box

Left Ear Side
Hearing Aid
2 Batteries
Cleaning Brush Tool
3 Earplugs
Plastic Box

One Pair
2 Hearing Aid
4 Batteries
1 Charging Station

2 Cleaning Brush Tool
6 Earplugs
2 Plastic Box

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