Glucose Monitor Blood Sugar Glucometer Meter with 50 Test Strips

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With just a small drop of blood, you can easily measure your blood glucose levels using a home glucose monitor. Monitoring your blood sugar at home can help lower your risk of complications by allowing you to identify factors that affect your levels, such as exercise, illness, stress, dehydration, and medication. This can help you make adjustments to your lifestyle and treatment plan as needed.HOW TO APPLY
1. Insert the Test Trip into the Meter with the logo facing up.
2. Place the lancing device on your fingertip.
3. Apply a drop to the tip of the test strip's application zone until you hear a "Beep" sound.
4. Get the Result in 6 Seconds.


Super-accurate meter; 6-second test; 500 test results stored in memory. Obtain results as soon as possible.

Expiration dates that are both current and long-lasting. Because it is small and ergonomic, it is easy to transport.

Seniors preferred starter kits with no coding or alarms.

The metering device is ergonomic, fashionable, and portable, and it allows you to check your level at any time.

Glucose test range: 1.1-33.3 mmol/L
Minimum sample volume: 1μL
Test Time: About 6 seconds
Battery Type: CR 2032 3.0V Coin
Memory storage: 500 test results
Operating temperature: 10-40ºC(50-104ºF)
Operating humidity: 20-80%RH
Weight: 240g

Blood glucose meter
Lancing device
50 Test strips
50 Lancets
User Manual

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