Mini CIC Noise Cancelling Invisible Hearing Aids

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Say goodbye to background noise. These are a long-lasting rechargeable hearing aid with state of the art audio quality and noise management all in a discreet, comfortable design. Whether you’re dining in a restaurant, watching TV at home, or meeting at work, the microphone allows you to focus on the sounds you want to hear, not the background noise. Our rechargeable micro hearing aids come in a pair. It’s designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss. 

Many people share the sentiment of wanting to move away from heavy, costly hearing aids. Invisible hearing aids have garnered global praise for their affordability. With these, you can bid farewell to the challenges of deciphering speech and muffled sounds. Now, restoring your hearing is within reach without straining your budget.


Compact and Inconspicuous: Our Mini Hearing Amplifiers are incredibly discreet, with a low-profile design that ensures comfort and minimal visibility. Thanks to advanced manufacturing, they're also less susceptible to wind and noise interference, allowing for convenient phone use. Perfect for individuals who wear glasses.

Easy Volume Adjustment: Effortlessly adjust the volume without the need for any tools. This practical feature ensures clear and precise sound amplification, catering to individuals with mild to severe hearing loss.

Versatile Application: With an attractive appearance, these amplifiers are well-suited for activities like watching movies, attending meetings, joining classes, and socializing with friends.

Comprehensive Kit: The package includes essential tools for maintenance, such as a cleaning brush and a spare battery. Multiple earplug sizes are provided, allowing you to customize the fit for comfort while preventing whistling. You can also easily clean the device with the included brush. Plus, a storage bag is included for convenient product storage.


  • Type: Hearing Aids
  • Charging time - 2-3 hours
  • Material: Silicone
  • Calibration: Automatic
  • Saturated Sound Pressure Level (OSPL90): 112
  • High-Frequency Average: 350-8000Hz
  • Hearing aid fully charged working time: ≤ 12 hours
  • Charging box power supply working time: ≤ 60 hours
  • Hearing aid fully charged working time: ≤ 12 hours
  • Charging box power supply working time: ≤ 60 hours


  • Charging Case
  • Hearing Aid
  • Instructions
  • Earplugs
  • Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush


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