Omni Directional Outdoor Long Range Powerful Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna

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You can watch what you want up to 150 miles away with the Omni Powerful Outdoor antenna - This 150-mile range HDTV antenna allows you to watch local broadcast channels in high definition for free. As a result, the picture is clearer, there is less noise, and you have access to more free broadcast TV signals.
Weather resistant and long-lasting - get greater signal dependability on windy or rainy days, and the anti-UV coating and waterproof/snowproof design allow for little interference shielding. Suitable for use in the home, RV, attic, or on the water.
Installation is simple because the antenna comes pre-assembled, and unlike traditional outdoor TV antennas, there is no need for a large installation fee. There are numerous mounting options available, including a balcony, attic, living room, window with mast, roof, and so on.

360 °Omni-directional reception - receive a signal from all directions without having to rotate or use a remote control, as traditional large outdoor antennas require to change the receiving direction for better signal reception. Improve VHF signal reception, such as NBC, ABC, and others. Providing you with improved channel reception and fewer blind spots.
GREAT QUALITY - Our outdoor television antenna is made of high-quality wire and is supported by sturdy construction and cutting-edge technology. This outdoor digital antenna is also built to withstand the elements, ensuring that you always have strong connections.

SURPRISINGLY POWERFUL - This outdoor TV antenna can receive signals from all directions. Its powerful receptive capability enables it to pick up signals from as far away as 150 kilometers!

EASY TO USE - The digital TV antenna comes with everything you need to set it up both outside and inside. All you need to do is mount the outdoor antenna on your roof, connect it to your indoor power supply, and connect it to your television.

1. Brand:  For Five Star
2. Model: TA-A1
3. Reception Range:150 Miles
4. Frequency: 47-860 MHz
5. Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
6. Gain: 28-34dB
7. Receiving Angle: 360°
8. Reception Pattern: Omni-directional
9. Impedance: 75 Ohm
10. Power Supply: Via USB Adapter (5V/500mA)
11. Standing Wave Radio: ≤1.5
12. Noise Figure:


1 × Amplified Digital TV Outside Antenna
1x Installation Assistance
1x Power Supply Container
1x USB Charging Cable
1x 5V 500MA Optional Power Adapter
1 x 39.37-foot coaxial cable with water-resistant kit
1x Instruction Booklet
1x Accessory Pack

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