Small WiFi Security Camera Mini 1080p IP Security Surveillance Cam

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Style: Small Cam + 32GB SD Card
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This Small Wifi Camera can easily be connected to your mobile phone for extra security when you're not at or around your home. The ideal little gadget for keeping an eye on your newborn or loved ones at night. Because of its small size, our Small Wifi Camera is transportable and simple to set up in any place. You may put the wireless small camera anywhere in your house, and with just one touch, you can start shooting directly from your phone!
This camera is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge technologies that greatly enhance its capability to monitor prospective security risks. In order to notify to prospective intruders or suspicious activities, the built-in motion sensor is very sensitive and capable of detecting even the smallest movements. The camera can be set up in just a few minutes and is extremely simple to operate.

You can turn on the product's sound detection feature by manually turning the switch in the app and placing the item in a quiet area. The device will instantly notify your device when the background noise level exceeds 50 decibels, giving you constant protection and guaranteeing your family's security is dynamic and up-to-date.

This gadget can take pictures in total darkness, making it the perfect tool for keeping an eye on suspicious activity that frequently takes place at night. The micro camera's small size makes it simple to position it in advantageous areas for maximum surveillance.

With the new motion detection capability, you may use the app to manually change the sensor sensitivity.

You will get a push notice with an accompanying image as soon as motion is detected. You may see the condition in real-time by signing into the app.

Mini Size Body
HD PRO Image
Enhanced Night Vision
Ultra-wide Angle Range
PIR Motion Detection Alarms
7 Hours Battery Life
Multiple Storage
Remote Access

Small Camera
Mini USB Cable
User Manual

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