Sport Ankle Support Foot Wrap Strap Compression Sleeve

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Intended for individuals with plantar fasciitis, this sport ankle support comprises a compression sleeve and a foot wrap strap to deliver focused assistance to the foot and ankle. The combination of these two features provides targeted relief. Made from breathable and flexible materials, this ankle support ensures maximum comfort during physical activities. It is ideal for a wide range of sports and other activities.

Crafted from a blend of SBR neoprene fabric, this ankle support is specially designed for those with plantar fasciitis. It delivers compression to the foot and ankle while also featuring a wrap strap for additional reinforcement. The support is available for either the left or right foot and is offered in black. It is suitable for a variety of physical activities, such as cycling, fitness, climbing, running, ball games, and taekwondo.

This ankle support is made from a breathable, elastic material that is both comfortable and moisture-wicking. It comes equipped with a professional strap that adds pressure to the ankle, helping to prevent sprains.

Thanks to its strapped design, this ankle brace promotes efficient blood circulation while also providing ample ventilation. It effectively absorbs sweat and eliminates any odors, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing fit.

This sprained ankle support is suitable for individuals recovering from an ankle injury, as well as those who engage in cycling, climbing, running, fitness, sports, and other activities. The premium material is combined into a design that tightly holds the ankle ligaments, creating a second-skin-like feeling while maintaining dry feet.

Optional Side: Left, Right
Color: Black
Sport Type: Fitness, Cycling, Climbing, Running, Ball Game, Taekwondo
Size: One Size
Material: OK cloth, nylon, SBR
Body Part: Ankle
Type: Elastic Tape/Bandage
Texture: Semi-Soft

Left, Right OR Both Ankle Brace Support
User Manual

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